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Gambit Coins Set of 6 Coins + Necklace - Destiny 2 Forsaken

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The Gambit Coins Set is a Replica inspired by Destiny 2 Forsaken

The Coins can be seen in the hands of the Drifter in Gambit Mode, as the Drifter flips the coins, some disappear in thin air, while only One remains, deciding the fate of the guardians as who they shall be facing while playing competitively inside of the arena.

The Total Number of a complete set of Gambit Coins is 6:
1- The Gambit.
2- The Scorn.
3- The Fallen.
4- The Cabal.
5- The Hive.
6- The Vex.

+ Freebie: Gambit Necklace.

Made out of Resin and fully Hand Painted & Assembled.