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Ace of Spades Edo Limited Edition - Handheld - Inspired by Destiny

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Ace of Spades Edo is our take on the infamous Signature Handcannon of Cayde-6.

Reimagined if it were to be in the Edo Period of Japan, an Era of Samurai Warriors in search of the light and fighting the Darkness.

This Handcannon is a Limited Edition, only 10 Pieces will be made.
it is a 1:1 Scale measuring at 37 cm length, 12 cm height, and 6 cm width.

The Ace of Spades Edo Handcannon has 7 Barrels, a Scouring Stick, and a moveable Hammer connected to the Serpentine.

Made out of Resin and fully Airbrushed and assembled.